Dallas businesses brace for flooding during heavy rains

As rain hits parts of Dallas, workers at some businesses in South Dallas are nervous an worrying about potential flooding.

“February was a big one,” said Aniz Sabuwala, owner of Sunset Recycling.

His business is among a couple of shops that flooded during major storms in February. Sabuwala is preparing for the possibility of another flood event this week.

“Every time it’s flooding, my business closes down,” Sabuwala said. “My people can’t work. There’s a loss of equipment.”

That is why Sabuwala and his staff are taking no chances, knowing meteorologists are predicting substantial rain. His office building was filled chest-deep with water during last month’s storms. It took the workers two weeks to get operations back up.

“The drain overflows into my property,” Sabuwala said. “The city water all comes straight into my property.”

Sabuwala and his neighbors claim they have contacted TX-DOT and the City of Dallas about their flooding concerns.

“I want answers and I want them to fix the problem,” Sabuwala said.

For now, the business is keeping boxes nearby. The business owner says the boxes will come in handy, just in case they have to quickly pack up and protect items from flooding.

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