Northeast Dallas resident watches from afar as burglar invades his apartment

Dallas police are seeking a suspect who broke into a Northeast Dallas apartment Wednesday, a break-in captured by the resident’s security cameras.

That resident, student and personal trainer Brandon Council, was on his way back from Paris, Tex., when he received a cell phone notification about 11:24 a.m. indicating the front door of his apartment had been opened.

Then he watched as a man entered the apartment, in the 10800 block of North Central Expressway, exited and then returned. The signal came "as soon as he cracked the door and the sunlight peeked in," he said.

"I watched it live for a couple of minutes," Council said, but his phone service was shaky. "But there wasn’t anything I could do about it."

Security cameras throughout the unit captured footage of the man going through the apartment and rifling through drawers. Dallas Police spokesman Warren Mitchel confirmed that the department is looking into the incident.

Council, an Air Force veteran, said he thinks the suspect exited the unit to see if any neighbors or passers-by were watching before returning, specifically in search of firearms since that was all he said was taken from the residence.

Council said it was the second time his apartment has been broken into since moving into the complex in October 2016. The first incident took place two months after he moved in.

"That’s what prompted me to get cameras in the first place," he said.

He said the burglar, who was wearing gloves but no mask, eventually realized the security cameras were there and unplugged them. That was before he actually located and took the firearms, which Council kept in a protective case.

"I think he got frustrated while he was looking and was throwing things around," he said. "When I came home the room was in shambles."

Since posting the footage and photos on social media, he said, he’s gotten plenty of supportive response and even a possible tip from someone in the area who thinks they may have seen the man at a local nail salon.

"I’m concerned about the firearms," he said. "I bought them legally, but now somebody has them illegally and they can be used against somebody else. That’s scary. I want to get this guy off the streets."

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